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Home Business Health Insurance
Many want to start their own home business but are afraid to because of their healthcare situation. Health insurance companies do pick on individual plans, and the rates are usually far more expensive. In fact, the prices are so much higher that many are just skipping out on a medical plan which is not a good idea because an injury or illness could cause you massive money problems [...]

Behind the Scenes at the WTC Insurance Fund
As I’ve noted in prior posts, one of the enduring hypocrisies facing the WTC rescue workers awaiting payment for inhaling toxic fumes amidst the rubble after 9/11 is that the WTC Insurance Fund, led by Christine LaSala, is using its mandate to fight the claims of those who need the money the most. It has been noted that tens of millions of the $1 billion that Congress handed over to the WTC [...]

How to Lower Your Home Insurance Costs
When you buy a home, your mortgage lender will require a homeowners insurance policy in order to protect their interest in the home. In most cases, the lending institution owns most of the home during the first years of the home, until the homeowner gains equity. So it only makes sense that lenders want to protect their investment in the home [...]

Searching For Selective Boat Insurance Policy
There are various types of insurance policies available to get the coverage according to the usages. You must have to select the policy after consulting the insurance adviser or agent to give suggestion of the policy based on your usage. There are many other factors responsible for the insurance are your budget, types of coverage, condition of the boat etc. Apart from the normal policy many additional coverage given by the insurance company to secure the boat from the possible threats [...]

Travel insurance: Sun, Sand and Sickness
Travel insurance is probably one of the most confusing types of insurance around. Numerous clauses, sub-clauses and a myriad of little stipulations make for a very complicated policy, which nevertheless is very important for any holiday-maker [...]
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